Heads up! With the warm weather quickly approaching, please be aware that orders are shipped via Canada Post and we cannot guarantee you won't end up with a melted box o' caramels in the mail. So please keep that in mind when ordering, but you can always pick up orders here at the cafe!


Handcrafted caramels made from fresh ingredients, dipped and finished by hand.

All Lure caramels are dipped, wrapped and packed by Kate Melvin.
Born and grown on Nova Scotia’s south shore, the fog is in Kate’s blood. She turned from graphic design to pastry and has competed successfully at a national level before deciding to develop her own products which led to Lure. Her aesthetic, attention to detail and ingredient knowledge allow her to create products that appeal first to the eyes and explode on the tongue. Kate lives with her husband and their two ginger cats on the, sometimes, fogbound shores of St. Margaret’s Bay.